How to create seed paper

Make your own beautiful paper that has flower seeds in it! Use coloured markers to paint a design or message on it. Give it to someone special to plant in a pot or in the ground. Keep it wet and warm, and it will "recycle" into something far better than old, used paper.


What you will need:

• Scrap paper
• A large bowl
• A large storage bin
• An embroidery hoop
• Tulle
• Wildflower seeds or any seeds that you have
• A towel
• A rolling pin
• Scissors
• Vegetable based inks or food colouring
• Stamps

Here are the steps:

1. First, rip gold coin sized bits of paper and place in a bowl. You will need around 4-6 A4 sized pieces, to make 4 cards. Feel free to mix up your paper colours; light colours are best.

2. Pour in around 1.5L of water and use a hand blender to mix this until it’s nice and pulpy.

3. Pour another 2L of water into a large storage bucket and pour in the pulp mixture. Place your tule in your embroidery hoop, give the pulp a good mix, then use a ‘scooping’ action to pick up the pulp on the tule. Place the hoop on the towel.

4. Take off the embroidery hoop so you’re left with the tulle, and sprinkle on plenty of seeds.

5. Place on another piece of tulle, and then firmly roll out the paper, removing as much water as you can.

6. Leave to dry for 24 hours, and then cut the card to size. Decorate with stamps and vegetable-based ink (you can also use food colouring) and give to someone you love!

7. Lastly, enjoy!

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