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Professionals, Redcoats Limited, is a dedicated team of 90 Sales, Property Management, Marketing and Administration specialists who have been recognised over the years within the Professionals Group, by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and by the Australasian Real Estate Agency Best Practice Congress for their excellence.

Proud of their reputation as a dynamic, innovative, progressive and professional company they constantly strive for higher standards so you will receive the finest service in Real Estate.


Professionals, Redcoats Limited, offers a multi professional service aimed at fulfilling your every Real Estate requirement. They specialise in all facets of Residential and Commercial Real Estate, from Sales and Marketing to Property Management, Body Corporate, New Builds, Letting and Investment.

Professionals, Redcoats Limited, expert training and superior marketing schemes ensure that their consultants have the knowledge, the materials and the techniques to succeed in a challenging marketplace.

When you deal with Professionals, Redcoats Limited, you deal with highly qualified and trained people who have an extensive knowledge of the local market. As a member of The Professionals, each office is locally owned and managed.

Professionals, Redcoats Limited can call on the other New Zealand offices in the group to help reach your goal, or network even wider to the 470 Professionals offices in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Singapore.

Most importantly, the team at Professionals, Redcoats Limited never loses sight of the fact that YOU are the single most vital element in their business. You are their focus and you have their total commitment.

Professionals, Redcoats Limited works to ensure that you will receive the finest service in Real Estate.

When you deal with Professionals, Redcoats Limited, you deal with people committed to and involved with their community.

As a group, Professionals are a major sponsor of the Child Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, with contributions now in excess of $5.3 Million.

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